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Item NumberTitlePriceItem ImageView Listing
1072121947 Land Water EASTERN Birds 1000 Species 500 Color Illustrations Birding Bird Watching Field Guide Reference Book Manual Handbook (MR5) 16.95 sold

107211Bird BOOK of CRANES Accordion Concertina GIFT Quality Watercolor Accordian Book Litho Art Water Color 14 Lithographs by Clare Cooley (MR6)0721122.50 sold

mr525-6BIRDER'S HANDBOOK Identify North American Birds 1988 (Ehrlich Dobkin Wheye) 785 PP Soft Cover Avian Reference Manual Guide Book (MR4)14.95 sold

mr525-5Like New BIRDFEEDER GUIDE Audubon North American Bird Feeder How to Attract Birds to Your Garden Year Round Gorgeous Photography GIFT (MR6)19.95 sold

mr525-4CAPTIVATING BLUEBIRDS Blue Bird Thrush / Songbird Nest Box Calls Plumage Territory Mating Hatching Home Defense GIFT by S. Tekiela (MR6)15.95 sold

mr526-3BIRDS AROUND US Bird Guide Book Attract Identify Observe Photograph Ornithology Reference Birding Watching Facts (MR6)19.95 sold

mr526-2The BLUEBIRD BOOK (Stokes) Complete Guide to Attracting Blue Birds Nest Box Feeder Landscape Trail Predators Nestlings Fledglings (MR6)15.95 sold

mr526-1CUSTOM Frame WELCOME SAMPLER Non-Glare Glass 2 Mats 12 x 14 Stenciled Fabric Primitive Folk Art Tree of Life Colonial Williamsburg (MR3)24.50 sold

MR525-2 DIY Wreath Book Bridal Rustic Woodland 100 Designs How To Make Hat Headband Fragrant Herbal Edible Painted Quilted and More! (MR2) 6.95 sold

MR525-1PINK Linen TOWEL Guest Fingertip Hand Pulled Thread Embroidery Hand Made Decorative Border (MR1)6.95 sold

MR5525-1PINK Linen TOWEL Guest Fingertip Hand Pulled Thread Embroidery Hand Made Decorative Border (MR1)6.95 sold

MR523-2FIVE DISNEY VHS (Lot of 5) Cinderella Fantasia Aladdin Mary Poppins Beauty Beast Walt Disney Classics Screened (MR3)6.95 sold

MR523-1Lot of 4 COSTAIN PB Novels Mystery Romance FOUR Vintage Paperback 70's ~ Silver Chalice ~ Last Love ~ Son 100 Kings ~ High Towers (MR4)8.95 sold

1914412167newmeyer15.95 sold

1914554543petrella48.50 sold

1963900617vegt16.95 sold

MR02142021-1The EVERYTHING Bird Book Identification Care WILD and PET Birds Reference Guide Manual Book (1998) d'Elgin (MR6)12.95 sold

MR021142021-2Identify Western Birds FIELD GUIDE Roger Tory Peterson Identification Reference Manual Bird Book WEST 3rd Ed 1990 (MR6) 14.95 sold

MR02022021-7FOXFIRE CHRISTMAS Oral History Book w/DJ Appalachian Memories Traditions Story Telling By Wigginton Like John Parris (Post Library Copy) MR514.95 sold

MR02082021-6Drapery Upholstery FABRIC 3 1/4 Yards CONTINUOUS CUT Stripe Soft Green Rose Blue Gold Striped Lovely Like New Condition15.95 sold

MR02082021-5KIDS COOKBOOK Crock Pot Cook Book Fix It and Forget It Slow Cooker Recipe Book 50 Recipes Like NEW (MR5) 14.95 sold

MR02082021-3BACKYARD BIRDING Attract and Identify Birds Create Garden Plot or Container Garden Fend Off Predators Reference Book by Minetor (MR6)9.95 sold

MR02082021-2LIFE LIST and JOURNAL Diary Record Book Checklist for the Bird Lover Excellent Like New Condition Never Used Reference (MR4)16.95 sold

MR02082021-1COLORADO WATERFOWL Identification Guide 1962 (Artist Munro) Identify Central Flyway Council Water Birds Game Fish Manual Book RARE (MR6)7.95 sold

MR02022021-1KIDS COOKBOOK Crock Pot Cook Book Fix It and Forget It Slow Cooker Recipe Book 50 Recipes Like NEW (MR5)14.95 sold

MR01222021-2212 Cookie Cutters Play-Doh Dough (6) RED (6) Green CHRISTMAS (2) Each Bell Tree Angel Star Snowman Gingerbread Man Pretend Play (MR5)4.95 sold

MR01222021-9Doctor Zhivago VHS Tape ~ Russian Historical Romance ~ Video Cassette Movie 2-Tape Set Pack ~ Rated PG 13 ~ Genre Drama ~ VCR (MR4)4.95 sold

MR01222021-8LITTLE MEN 1943 Louisa M. Alcott (Little Women Author) Childrens Fiction Novel BOOK Paper Ephemera Scrapbook Shadow Box Craft (MR6)9.95 sold

MR01222021-7 Essays 1976 Red WOLVES and Black BEARS by Edward Hoagland 19 Thoreau Style Hardback Book Dust Jacket Cover (MR4) 4.95 sold

MR01222021-6Feeding BIRDS Book Feeder Design Squirrel Guard Plan DIY How To Guide Feed Water Shelter Do It Yourself Home School Gift (MR2)6.95 sold

MR01222021-5Birds Another FIELD GUIDE (Witty Humorous) Little Known Seldom Seen North American Nature Birds Ornithology Wit Humor Color (MR3) B254 6.95 sold

MR01222021-4Birds of VIRGINIA'S South-Central Piedmont 258 Species Accounts Birding Checklist Bird Watching Ornithology BBS Routes (MR3) B2559.95 sold

MR01222021-3Hand Taming WILD BIRDS at the Feeder Watching Making Friends Movies Caring for Injured Birds North American Bird List (MR3) B2567.95 sold

MR01222021-2Wenzell Fashion Altered Art Large Format Book Nouveau Riche PASSING SHOW Oppulent Lavish Wenzell Pen Ink Drawing Illustration6.95 sold

MR01222021-1Tin Lithograph Metal Toy NOISE MAKER Rare Hurdy Gurdy Squeaker Rattle Horn Litho Mardi Gras Masquerade Halloween Masked Ball (MR1)6.95 sold

MR01212021-169 1/2 LIFTER Wedding Cake Pie Server Pink Flower Hand Painted STETSON Pottery 1950's Serving Spatula Kitchen Utensil (MR5) 13836.95 sold

MR01212021-1580 STAMP DECORATING DIY Projects How to Stamp Glass Tile Paper Wood Wall Fabric Quilt Wedding Invitation Gift Wrap Book by Walton (MR2)5.95 sold

MR01212021-14Folk Art DECOR 50 Designs Painted Country WOODCRAFTS Rustic Primitive Pattern Painting Instruction DIY Craft Book (MR2) 6.95 sold

MR01212021-13Curtain Valance 18 x 92 inch Hand Made DEAR STELLA Cotton Linen Pastel Butterfly Jonquil Daffodil Tulip Bluebell Grey Tan Pink Yellow (MR2)12.95 sold

MR01212021-3ORAL HISTORY Tracks Across the Blue Ridge Book YEATTS (1st Ed) Southern Appalachian Story Telling Folklore Legend Tales Storytelling (MR5)6.95 sold

MR01212021-2Advanced BACKPACKER Handbook Year-Round Long-Distance Hiking WORLDWIDE Guide Group or Solo Gear Food Trip Planning Reference Manual (MR2)12.95 sold

MR01212021-11972 JOHN PARRIS These Storied Mountains OOP Oral History Autographed Book Appalachian Story Telling (Roaming Mountains, Mountain Bred) MR524.50 sold

MR01202021-11PAIR of Guest Fingertip Hand TOWELS (Lot of 2) Antique White Linen Pink Blue Yellow Green Embroidery Applique Floral Bouquet 11 x 16 (MR1)8.95 sold

MR01202021-10Guest Fingertip HAND TOWEL Stitched Embroidery Vintage Flower Wreath Multi Color Friendship Circle Birthday GIFT (MR1)4.95 sold

MR01202021-9BLUE Guest Fingertip Hand TOWEL Multi Color Embroidery Soft Linen Basket of Flowers Floral Bouquet Fringed & Knotted Hem 14 x 20.5 (MR1)2.95 sold

MR01202021-8PINK Linen TOWEL Guest Fingertip Hand Pulled Thread Embroidery Hand Made Decorative Border (MR1)9.95 sold

MR01202021-7Guest Fingertip Hand TOWEL White Cotton Pink Green White Embroidery Floral Bouquet Pink Scalloped Hem 14 x 20 (MR1)3.95 sold

MR01202021-6Vintage Photos (Lot of 5) Instant Ancestor Family Photo Gallery Black White Photography Studio Portrait Presentation Folders (MR5) 9.95 sold

MR01202021-5Glass CANDLE HOLDER Gold Angel Cherub Art Nouveau Gilt Winged with Wreath Mirrored Back Reflects Romantic Candlelight Art Deco (MR4) 9.95 sold

MR01202021-4Paper Dolls UNCUT Vintage Pretend Childs Play Dress Up French Style Toy Early 1900 Red Cross Nurse Sand Bucket Spade Ball Doll (MR1)6.95 sold

MR01202021-3Adult Novelty Gag (Lot of 2) MATCHBOOKS + Gift Box Pen Ink Drawings Naughty Spicy Batchelor Party Stocking Stuffer Match Book (MR54.95 sold

MR01202021-2Instant Ancestor Gent #1 Photo Studio Portrait Art Deco Art Nouveau 1920 Clothing Period Presentation Folder Family Gallery Groom (MR5) 2.95 sold

MR01202021-11921 BOY SCOUT AVIATORS Young Adult Fiction Book Pilot Airplane Flying Paper Ephemera Scrapbook Shadow Box Craft Durston Burnt Orange (MR5) 6.95 sold

MR01162021-11Our AMAZING BIRDS (R. Lemmon) Little Known Facts Breeding Habitat Range Intelligence Ornithology Birding Hard Cover 1952 Reference DJ (MR36.95 sold

MR01162021-10RUBY Red ART GLASS Vase 9 Tall Blood Red Valentine Decor Love Gift Fresh or Dried Flower Bud Vase Mid Century Modern U.S.A. (MR39.95 sold

MR01182021-1Pillow COVER Plaid 18 x 18 Hand Made Red Green Christmas w/Ruffle Gold Metallic Thread My ORIGINAL Cross Stitch DESIGN (MR5)12.95 sold

MR01162021-9Santa Ornament with Brass Hanger Stand HOMECO 8742 St. Nicholas with Wreath and Goldtone Holder HOME INTERIORS Christmas Claus (MR1)9.95 sold

MR01162021-81950's 1960's LISNER Clear Rhinestone White Pearl Earring Pair Bling Goldtone Add Glitter Glitz to Little Black Dress Jewelry (MR1)9.95 sold

MR01162021-7Sterling BOOKMARK Webster Silver CROSS Blue Cord Tassel 1950's Religious Bible Book Mark Dad Grad Gift Page Bookworm Marker HALLMARK (MR1)24.50 sold

MR01162021-6Black Enamel Animal Clear Rhinestones Safety Catch Closure Mid Century Jewelry Collar Shawl Scarf Hat Cap (MR5)12.95 sold

MR01162021-5Burlap BAG Jute Tote w/ Drawstring Pine Cone Fatwood Green L L BEAN Advertising Logo Pinecone DIY Mountain Primitive Rustic Decor (MR5)6.95 sold

MR01162021-4STANLEY Folding 72 inchRule Patent 2,713,206 Measuring Ruler Stick Vintage Boxwood Metal Hand Tool RESTORE / DISPLAY Box Wood Rusty Brass (MR5) 9.95 sold

MR01162021-3Wood Handle 6.5 Rotary Cutter Tool 2 inch Metal Blade Wheel Cooking Crafting Sewing Leather Primitive Rustic VINTAGE Gadget 1940 (MT6) 4.95 sold

MR01162021-2D. Morgan (Doris) Lithograph Wooden Custom Frame FRIENDS All TRUE 1989 Watercolor Litho Print OOP 12 X 12 Love Friendship Birthday Gift34.50 sold

MR01162021-13 Moose ORNAMENTS (Lot of 3) Tea Stain Rusty Bell Hand Made Vintage Wreath Stocking Garland Tree Rustic Mountain Christmas Decor (MR5)12.00 sold

MR01152021-1Friendship CATS 12 x 12 D. Morgan Lithograph Custom Wood Frame (1990) Watercolor Litho Print w/Verse Birthday FRIEND Gift Signed OOP 24.50 sold

MR01142021-1By-the-Yard ~ 56 INCH Drapery Upholstery FABRIC Soft Green Rose Blue Gold Stripe Lovely LIKE NEW Condition5.95 sold

MR01132021-9Potpourri Bag ANJOU PEAR Scented Dried Natural Floral Supply DIY Candle Making Scrapbook Kid Crafts Model Train Doll House Scenery (MR5)4.95 sold

MR01132021-8TROPICAL Hawaiian Kauai Palm (Lot of 4) 7 x 18 in Fabric OOP Cranston V.I.P USA Cotton Red Green Beige Doll Clothes Patchwork Quilts (MR6)7.95 sold

MR01132021-7Bird BOOK of CRANES Accordion Concertina GIFT Quality Watercolor Accordian Book Litho Art Water Color 14 Lithographs by Clare Cooley (MR6)24.50 sold

MR01132021-6POTPOURRI Bag Dried NATURAL Floral Supply Material DIY Card Scrapbook Collage Candle Making Kid Crafts Model Train Doll House Scenery (MR5)4.95 sold

MR01132021-52 Christmas CARDS Vintage 1950 Coke Style Santa Fuzzy Red Flocked WHITMAN Greeting Repurpose Scrapbook Shadow Box DIY Craft Ornament (MR6)5.95 sold

MR01132021-4Potpourri HARVEST SPICE 11 oz. Bag Dried Natural Botanicals Floral Supply DIY Candle Making Kid Crafts Card Making Model Train Layout (MR5)5.95 sold

MR01132021-1Mammals of CARLSBAD Caverpmunk Squirrel NP Photos Maps (MR6)ns National Park NM Book Reef Caves Seabed Bobcat Mountain Lion Bat Rabbit Chi8.95 sold

MR01122021-2Guide to South African BIRDS 1988 AWESOME Peter Johnson Photos Ornithology of AFRICA Identify Social Habits Nesting Migration Birdsong (MR6)8.95 sold

MR01122021-1SHAWNEE Dog and Boot USA Planter Button Shoe Lace Vase (1960) Burgundy Wine UPCYCLED Pottery Bookend Paper Weight (MR5)9.95 sold

MR01082021-5Venice LACE Handkerchief Made in SWITZERLAND 1960's DESCO Creation Swiss Bridal Wedding Hankie Ring Bearer's Pillow (MR1)19.95 sold

MR01082021-4Queen of Hearts Child's Hankie Nursery Rhyme for Children Collectible 8 x 8.55.95 sold

MR01082021-3Saphira OPTYL Eyeglasses (Austria) with Rosanne Case (Marchon) 1980 Ladies Spectacle Fashion Wear Amber Bifocal Glasses Retro Sunnies (MR1)15.95 sold

MR01082021-2Old Mother Hubbard Lived in a Shoe Hankie Child's Nursery Rhyme Handkerchief Children's Collectible Bare Cupboard Verse Poem (MR1)9.95 sold

MR01082021-1Utah ROCK ART Biking Driving Petroglyphs Pictographs 12 Stops ANCIENT Inscriptions Moab Area Tour Book Home School Resource (MR2)14.95 sold

MR01072021-14Cobalt Blue Crackle ART Glass Hand Blown Vase 3.25 in Pitcher Clear Applied Handle Pinched Ruffled Rim USA Mid Century Modern GIFT (MR1)7.95 sold

MR01072021-13Song Birds The JOY of SONGBIRDS 1990 Prose Poetry Photos Celebrating Ornithological Gifts of Nature National Wildlife Federation GIFT (MR6)12.95 sold

MR01072021-12BROKEN Rooster POTTERY Mosaic Tile Pieces Pendant Jewelry Making DIY Craft Blue and White Blue Ridge Round Veggie Bowl U.S.A. (MR6)19.95 sold

MR01072021-11CANADA Birds of Ontario Quebec Bird Watcher Species GUIDE Identification Reference Birding Watching Facts Common & Uncommon (MR6)6.95 sold

MR01072021-10EAGLES Ornithology Book Birding Guide Bird Reference Manual TEXT PHOTOS Joe Van Wormer 1985 Bald Golden Eagle Hunting Nesting Feeding (MR5)12.95 sold

MR01072021-9BIRDS of PREY Bird Guide Identification Dust Cover Jacket Reference Ornithology Birding Watching FACTS Falcons Condors Michael Everett (MR5)19.95 sold

MR01072021-8Guide to AUDUBON BIRDS (Roberta Sewal) Collection 30 Paintings from Birds of America Identification Reference Art Prints Birding FACTS (MR6)12.95 sold

MR01072021-71977 BIRD GUIDE Wonderful World of Birds (Broom) Color Photos Evolution Feeding Courtship Nesting Flocks Roosts Territories Migration (MR5)9.95 sold

MR01072021-6THE BIRDS Peterson Bird GUIDE Life Nature Library Evolution Orders Feathers Flying Migration Food Chain Communication Balance With Man (MR3)9.95 sold

MR01072021-5Potpourri Bag CINNAMON SPICE Scented Dried Floral Supply DIY Candle Making Scrapbook Kids Crafts Model Train Layout Doll House Scenery (MR5)6.95 sold

MR01072021-4500 FOREST and RANGELAND Birds of US Species Taxonomy Range Status Habitat Nesting Food Arthur Singer Illustrations Ornithology (MR3) B26614.95 sold

MR01072021-3Bird Photo Essay: Where BALD EAGLES Gather Glacier National Park Finding Guide Nesting Tagging Location Field Guide Research (MR3)9.95 sold

MR01072021-2Napkin Holders Lot of 11 Rings Unfinished Wood PLACE CARD Christmas Table Decor Tole Paint Stain Wood Burn Pyro Art DIY Craft (MR4)6.95 sold

MR01072021-1Clear Jeanette CUBE Cream Pitcher USA Depression Glass 2 7/8 Creamer USA Mid Century Modern Like Fostoria American (MR4)4.95 sold

MR01062021-154 Forest Green Glasses (2 Lots of 4 Available) 5 7/8 HOURGLASS Tumblers Anchor Hocking Glass Glassware NOT Whirly Twirly or Roly Poly (MR1)69.00 sold

MR01062021-14Field Guide WESTERN BIRDS Roger Tory Peterson 1961 (2nd Ed) How To Identifiy Manual Reference Birding Watching National Audubon Society (M6)16.95 sold

MR01062021-131947 Land Water EASTERN Birds 1000 Species 500 Color Illustrations Birding Bird Watching Field Guide Reference Manual Handbook (MR6)16.95 sold

MR01062021-12STOKES Guide To BIRD BEHAVIOR Vol. 1 (25) Birds Territory Movement Courting Breeding Plumage Nesting Feeding B/W Drawing (MR3) B2756.95 sold

MR01062021-11SALE: Pfaltzgraff #2 NORDIC Christmas 8 Salad Dessert Plate Evergreen Pine Tree Primitive Mountain Rustic Folk Art (MR66.00 sold

MR01062021-10SALE: Pfaltzgraff #2 NORDIC Christmas 8 Salad Dessert Plate Evergreen Pine Tree Primitive Mountain Rustic Folk Art (MR66.00 sold

MR01062021-9SALE: Pfaltzgraff #2 NORDIC Christmas 8 Salad Dessert Plate Evergreen Pine Tree Primitive Mountain Rustic Folk Art (MR66.00 sold

MR01062021-81992 ROOKIE Baseball Stocking Stuffer SALE: 30 MLB Card Set 1992 Major League Like New Score Pinnacle U.S.A. Alou Sanders Wohlers Bell (MR5)4.95 sold

MR01062021-7Cobalt Spiral VASE 6 3/4 Lead Crystal CRISTAL D'ARQUES (France) Cased Cut Glass Pinched Rim Clear Base Vintage French Desig19.95 sold

MR01062021-6Bird Guide WHOOPING CRANE Defies Extinction McNulty 1966 Award Winner Science Natural History Home School Study Reference Book (MR5)9.95 sold

MR01062021-5Bird FINDING Watching Guide (Pettingill) ROAD DIRECTIONS Where to Find Birds East of the Mississippi 1980 Identification Book (MR6)12.95 sold

MR01062021-4Field Guide Birds of North America Book 220 COLOR PLATES Species Plumage Field Marks Voice Behavior Habitat Range Maps Birding Tips (MR6)14.95 sold

MR01062021-3Pfaltzgraff #2 NORDIC Christmas 8 Salad Dessert Plate Evergreen Pine Tree Primitive Mountain Rustic Folk Art Hand Painted USA (MR6)6.00 sold

MR01062021-2Girl's STRAW BAG Child's Vintage Clothing Trinidad 1943 Pocketbook w/ Shoulder Strap Hand Woven Sewn (MR5)24.50 sold

MR01062021-152 JINGLE Sleigh BELLS Lot (16) Red 19.95 sold

MR01042021-520 Rusty Jingle Sleigh Bells 1 1/214.95 sold

MR01042021-4Small BELL Marked Fenton Pink Translucent Glass SIGNED Hand Painted DOGWOOD Clear Glass Clapper Birthday Christmas Love Gift (MR1)16.95 sold

MR01042021-3 Sterling LIZARD Geko Pin LANG Hallmark Safety Catch Mid Century 1940 SILVER Animal Brooch Collar Shawl Jacket Scarf Hat Cap Jewelry (MR1)39.95 sold

MR01052021-1Reuge Music Box Swiss Musical Movement Hummel Design Made in Switzerland Plays Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head Mid-Century (MR1)19.95 sold

MR01042021-11960's TREFARI Leaf CLIP-ON Silvertone Earring Pair Add Silver Tone Glitz to Little Black Dress (MR1)9.95 sold

MR01012021-1XToothpick HOLDER Westmoreland TRIPLE Handle Swan Cattails Miniature Iridescent Vintage Vase Aqua BLUE Birthday Christmas Love Gift (MR1)19.95 sold

MR01012021-1Vintage Cobalt Blue 8 BUD VASE Made in USA Traditional Glass Collection Fixer Upper Farmhouse Style Decor Housewarming Birthday Gift (MR2)15.95 sold