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Wooden Mallet 214


Old tools have tales to tell: their users created them, hefted them, created with them.  Old tools were friends and treated as such.  I have my favorites, and I have discovered that none of my favoirtes have a motor.  Took me a long while to tumble to that fact.

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Large, heavy headed wooden mallet with hole in handle for thong or rope.  This is a very old item with obvious signs of wear and extensive use. Wonderful display item with an overall length around 12 inches.

As to the date:  I just plain guessed remembering farm life growing up. No electricity, no plumbing, and tools just like this.  This mallet or hammer may be a lot older than the ones I remember.

In any case, it is a vintage item!  Wonderful for display.  It would be a shame to put it back into useful service. Let's just remember what it did.



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